Brenda Fisher: Royse City Senior 2014

Brenda is a 2014 Senior from Royse City High School.  She will probably NEVER forget her senior portrait experience with Valerie Henderson Photography.  Maybe it’s because we got some great photos of a beautiful girl, but maybe because her crazy photographer got stuck in the mud.  No, not in my car.  Just scroll down through these gorgeous natural lit shots and I’ll explain.
Royse-City-Senior-2014-Brenda-1 Royse-City-Senior-2014-Brenda-2 Royse-City-Senior-2014-Brenda-3 Royse-City-Senior-2014-Brenda-4

So, when I arrange a Senior Session, I always have them text me their outfits ahead of time so I can find the perfect locations for them.  When Brenda texted me this outfit with the long colorful maxi skirt, I immediately thought of water.  She needed to be wading in water.  Problem is that I’m new to the area and am still finding new locations and learning the land.  I drove down to the lake and noticed that the lake was super low and you could walk down the boat ramp and it looked just like a beach.  I also looked for where the sun would be setting and distractions in the background.

We were running low on light towards the end of Brenda’s session, so we drove quickly to this spot, I unloaded my lighting gear and slipped on my rain boots.  Upon walking out there, we realized it was a bit muddier than we would want, but we could work with it.  We grabbed a few quick shots and then started trekking back towards the car.  I was mainly thinking about how excited I was about the shots below and also how I had been gone for 2.5 hours and my husband was at home with our 4 year old twin boys and our 2 month old baby and could probably use some backup quickly!  I was on a mission to get out of this mess, but problem was I wasn’t watching where I was walking.  I walked right in the middle of a mud pit.  I mean, calf deep.  My feet weren’t budging.  I had to hand off my camera and my lighting to Brenda and her sister who luckily were paying attention and didn’t follow my path.  I yanked and pulled on my legs, but they weren’t moving.  Finally, I just had to crawl out of my rain boots and high tail it to the shore!  So, if you’re at a boat ramp at Lake Ray Hubbard and see some cute black and pink rain boots.  Those are mine.  I drove home barefoot.  Lesson learned.  Don’t try that location again.  But look at what we got!



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