Elizabeth :: Rockwall High School Senior

Elizabeth is a 2015 Rockwall senior. We started off our session at the Dallas Arboretum and finished up in downtown Wylie and in a nearby bluebonnet field. It really doesn’t get any better than that! To top it off, we came across some people with a baby goat and Elizabeth just HAD to hold him! Super cute!! 🙂

Elizabeth-Rockwall-Senior-Photography-1 Elizabeth-Rockwall-Senior-Photography-2 Elizabeth-Rockwall-Senior-Photography-3 Elizabeth-Rockwall-Senior-Photography-4 Elizabeth-Rockwall-Senior-Photography-5 Elizabeth-Rockwall-Senior-Photography-6 Elizabeth-Rockwall-Senior-Photography-7 Elizabeth-Rockwall-Senior-Photography-8 Elizabeth-Rockwall-Senior-Photography-9 Elizabeth-Rockwall-Senior-Photography-10

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