Elyza :: Sachse High School 2016 Senior

Elyza is one of my senior reps from Sachse High School. I have enjoyed every second of photographing her the past several months! She really is a true beauty. She is involved in the drama club at school, so we had to go to her school auditorium and get a few shots! She also has a love for Harry Potter, so we found this really cool, historic house to utilize with her book collection. At the very end of her session, I talked her into throwing on this gorgeous, flowy dress and we raced to a nearby field to capture that beautiful sunset!


Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-1 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-2 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-3 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-4 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-5 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-6 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-7 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-8 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-9 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-10 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-11 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-12 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-13 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-14 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-15 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-16 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-17 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-18 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-19 Elyza-Sachse-High-School-2016-Senior-20

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