Summer :: Weatherford High School 2016 Senior

Summer is my senior rep from Weatherford High School. She is on the opposite side of DFW from me and I’m grateful that she came all the way over to my side for her session! She went to see my amazing makeup artist, Randi, at Beauty Bar at Legacy in Rockwall. Then we met in downtown Dallas to scout some new locations and then over to White Rock Lake.

Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-1 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-2 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-3 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-4 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-5 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-6 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-7 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-8 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-9 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-10 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-11 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-12 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-13 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-14 Summer-Weatherford-High-School-Senior-15

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