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Let me tell you what I’m tired of. I’m tired of bribing my kids into looking at me and smiling with perfect smiles. The 4 year olds have really bad fake smiles that drive me nuts! The toddler is wiggling around and flailing because I’m trying to make him sit still when he has all of this newfound freedom with walking! The twins don’t want to dress the same. Ryder is pissed because he can’t wear his baseball hat that he wears constantly unless he’s at school, church, sitting at the table, taking a bath or sleeping.

I’m also tired of sitting in front of my computer for hours and HOURS editing the perfect color, background, head swapping, skin perfecting, etc. while my kids entertain themselves either a) watching tv or b) completely destroying my house which I do not have time to clean. My editing process of a portrait session is extensive. I mean, 4 hours on one session is average. It’s ridiculous. Once you factor out my time, taxes and expenses on a session, my hourly rate is that of a college student. Not exactly worth it for me to neglect my family and house as much as I have. I mean, it’s my job and how I help provide for my family, so I try not to feel guilty. I’ve just got to be smart about it.

I challenge you to try a lifestyle session at least once. Let your kids dress themselves. Let them bring their favorite toys. Let them run and get dirty. Let them be THEM! The park is a muddy mess?  Roll with it! (see below) 50% chance of rain on picture day? How about throwing on rain boots and let’s go to town!


Rockwall-Lifestyle-Photography-1 Rockwall-Lifestyle-Photography-2 Rockwall-Lifestyle-Photography-3 Rockwall-Lifestyle-Photography-4 Rockwall-Lifestyle-Photography-5 Rockwall-Lifestyle-Photography-6 Rockwall-Lifestyle-Photography-7.jpg Rockwall-Lifestyle-Photography-9

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