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Zack Martin :: Hilldale High School Senior Class of 2015 Muskogee, OK

I had so much fun shooting Zack’s senior photos in Muskogee, OK.  I had been in Tulsa doing fall mini sessions and swung through on my way home.  I didn’t have time to scout out locations beforehand, so I just rolled with whatever ideas Zack had.  Loved the locations we ended up with!  And Zack is a natural in front of the camera!  This is my favorite senior guy session I’ve ever done!


Zack-Muskogee-Hilldale-Senior-1 Zack-Muskogee-Hilldale-Senior-2 Zack-Muskogee-Hilldale-Senior-3 Zack-Muskogee-Hilldale-Senior-4 Zack-Muskogee-Hilldale-Senior-5 Zack-Muskogee-Hilldale-Senior-6